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Please Review The Requirements to Mwangaza Children’s Choir.

  • Allow a “love offering” on behalf of Africa Renewal Ministries and Mwangaza Children’s Choir at the conclusion of the concert.
  • Show a short video at the conclusion of the concert that illustrates the power of child sponsorship for $48 a month.
  • Display, in the lobby or space outside the concert area, general information about Africa Renewal Ministries, photographs of children who need a loving sponsor, and sponsorship sign-up forms.
  • Allow a crafts table outside the concert area where CDs, authentic Ugandan crafts, jewelry and art can be offered for sale. 100% of this revenue supports the ministry.

Note: To help reduce travel expenses, the choir members – children and adult leaders – will stay with host families during the tour. The host-family accommodations are coordinated by local churches at each of the tour’s stops.

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