Mwangaza tours the world as a part of the leadership development section of Africa Renewal Ministries, sharing the Gospel and raising support for children in Africa!

Leadership Development is one of the core programs of ARM. The program started in 1999 as a child sponsorship program. As the program grew over the years, ARM saw the need to evolve the sponsorship program into a child leadership development program in 2009. The leadership development program is unique in that it allows our children access to holistic nurturing and growth development. The program focuses on integrating leadership & spiritual development into the bodily development of a child, revitalizing the child from the inside out! Today, the program is running in 24 locations throughout Uganda, and caring for approximately 8,200 children.

ARM offers a monthly sponsorship of these children at just $40 a month. Imagine the difference you can make in these children’s lives by providing them with:

  • Educational Support
  • Bible Training
  • Medical Care (as needed)
  • Leadership Development